How a MacBookAir 10-years old is telling you, buy a Mac M1

Why you should buy a Mac M1, and ask no question

Cedric Ferry
3 min readFeb 12, 2022

The Latest generation of Apple Computer is now on the market for a year, and all we hear is that they are fast, silent, and cool. It is tempting to get a new machine.

But I would like you to jump 10 years back when the MacBook Air i7 were released. It happen that I own one of this machine, a MacBook Air 11” with dual core i7 at 2.0 GHz + boost 3.2GHz.

An history of quality computers

I still use it, sure it is not my main computer, but I use it almost everyday, browsing, watching videos, listen to music and even coding. During lockdowns, it was my wife work computer, her 8h/day working machine, plugged to an external monitor, she never complained (browsing, Mail, word, excel, zoom, teams…). This computer is nearly 10 years old and yet work like a charm, I would say, like on its first day. All part are original and anyway there isn’t much you can change, beside the wifi module and the SSD. It did cost US$1349 ($1575 with inflation), which isn’t cheap but still affordable for many people at the time.

Great Support

It has seen not less than 8 versions of MacOS X, from Mountain Lion (10.7.x) to Catalina (10.15.x). And as far as I know, without noticeable slowdown.