Edifier R1380DB

Edifier R1380DB Review: Bookshelf speakers

Cedric Ferry
4 min readDec 6, 2021

This is the second article of a short series about working better from home. Today I’m going to review the bookshelf speakers Edifier R1380DB, they have been recently released and offer a good option, especially for Android Developers ;).

I was looking for some speaker to complement my setup, something that can deliver a relatively good sound. Here are my criteria

  • Price: I set a budget of AU$200 for the speakers
  • Bluetooth 5.x: given many of us are using our phone to listen to music this is mandatory. Bluetooth 5.x offers better bandwidth and latency
  • Stereo: sound is so much better in stereo
  • At least 1 Line in: so that I can connect other devices, such as my computer
  • at least 2 voices: which allow proper medium and bass (to some extend)

Buying experience

These bookshelf speakers are available on amazon, which mean you will receive them in no time. I received mine in just few days (without Prime).

Unboxing and installation

The box contains everything you need to plug your speakers. A good quality sounds cable of about 2 meters that you will use to connect both speakers together, an optical cable to plug to your TV for…