Edifier R1380DB

Edifier R1380DB Review: Bookshelf speakers

Cedric Ferry
4 min readDec 6, 2021


This is the second article of a short series about working better from home. Today I’m going to review the bookshelf speakers Edifier R1380DB, they have been recently released and offer a good option, especially for Android Developers ;).

I was looking for some speaker to complement my setup, something that can deliver a relatively good sound. Here are my criteria

  • Price: I set a budget of AU$200 for the speakers
  • Bluetooth 5.x: given many of us are using our phone to listen to music this is mandatory. Bluetooth 5.x offers better bandwidth and latency
  • Stereo: sound is so much better in stereo
  • At least 1 Line in: so that I can connect other devices, such as my computer
  • at least 2 voices: which allow proper medium and bass (to some extend)

Buying experience

These bookshelf speakers are available on amazon, which mean you will receive them in no time. I received mine in just few days (without Prime).

Unboxing and installation

The box contains everything you need to plug your speakers. A good quality sounds cable of about 2 meters that you will use to connect both speakers together, an optical cable to plug to your TV for instance, a mini-jack to coaxial and a coaxial cable. You won’t need to buy additional cables. You will also find the 2 speakers as well as the remote control.

The installation takes less than 5 minutes. You must connect the 2 speakers together and then you can either use one of the cable provided in the box, or you can start connecting in Bluetooth.

Using the remote controller, you can select what audio source you want to play. Alternatively you can click the power button (the lower one), and check on the front the color of the LED. Blue is bluetooth, Green is Line, Red is optical.

Design and connectivity

The speaker are good size for a desk, about 25 cm high and 15 cm wide. They exist in brown/wood…